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As “part of the pack,” we know you want to keep informed about all that’s happening at Taylor. Here you’ll find the information you need to do just that. Be sure to bookmark this page, and check back often for updates on school events, fundraising opportunities, student achievements, and other great news from our pack!

Last Week of School Activities

It is amazing how quickly the end of the school year has come. We have planned many different activities for Monday, May 24 through Thursday, May 27. We will require students to wear appropriate school dress each day. Please see our last week of school activities flyer for complete details on all events. 

Shout-Out to Dan
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We want to do a huge shot-out to Dan for his donation of a pizza and wings party for Mrs. Caldwell's class. Dan contacted the school wanting to do a party for a class deserving of a pizza party. Mrs. Caldwell's class had 97% accuracy on reading tests taken. We appreciate him and the support he gives to our school and community. Dan also brought flowers for the office and teacher. What a great guy!

Snowflake YouTube Channel

We are excited to announce our new YouTube channel! We will use this channel to stream all live school events and activities. When you visit our YouTube channel, please make sure you select the subscribe button on the top right side of the screen. This will add the channel to your subscriptions for easy access. Once we have 1,000 subscribers, it will help us in the streaming process. We've also added a link with our other social media icons in the header of the website and on our Facebook page. Please subscribe to view. Go Lobos!

Second Quarter Superintendent, Principal, and Honor Roll List

Join us in congratulating the following individuals who made the second quarter superintendent, principal, and honor roll list.

Fourth Grade Superintendent List:   

  • Claire McKinnon   
  • Landon Scott   
  • Hunter French 

Fourth Grade Principals List:   

  • Autumn Kay   
  • Allie Eberline   
  • Kendal Brown   
  • Dalli Sherwood 

Fourth Grade Honor Roll List:   

  • Rory Hancock   
  • Jaylie Perry   
  • Scotlyn Vowell   
  • Charlee Doyle   
  • Devlin Delaney   
  • Brenden LeSueur 
  • Jeremy Leahy 
  • Julie Mangum   
  • Hayden Owens  
  • Sadie Pitts   
  • Macy Shelton    

Fifth Grade Superintendent List:

  • Addison Brinkerhoff   
  • Ashton Hancock   
  • Bruce Price   
  • Allison Yarn   
  • John Young   
  • Kyran Hunt          

Fifth Grade Principal List:   

  • Brenna Clark   
  • Lyla Craner   
  • Tyler Jones   
  • Jayden Melser   
  • Sydney Layton   
  • Marilyn Loaiza   
  • Brooklyn Merritt  
  • Asha Ramirez   
  • Clyde Rencher   
  • Harper Thewes   
  • Drake Hatch   
  • McCoy Norton   
  • Kaige Webb    

Fifth Grade Principal List:

  • Brenna Clark 
  • Lyla Craner   
  • Tyler Jones  
  • Jayden Melser
  • Sydney Layton 
  • Marilyn Loaiza   
  • Brooklyn Merritt   
  • Asha Ramirez   
  • Clyde Rencher   
  • Harper Thewes   
  • Drake Hatch   
  • McCoy Norton   
  • Kaige Webb    

Fifth Grade Honor Roll List:   

  • Tyren Craner   
  • Kaitlyn Godfrey
  •  Eli Hargrave   
  • Lucy Hatch   
  • Brianna Hensley   
  • Omar Marin   
  • Trinity Oaks   
  • Addie Williams   
  • Logan Bailey   
  • Kherrington Heinitz 
  • Owen Ritz    

Sixth Grade Superintendent List:

  • Brooklinn Baldwin   
  • Addie Coor   
  • Max Hatch   
  • Brynlee Craner   
  • Ryder Hancock   
  • Carston Hunt   
  • Durham Reed   
  • Lacey Richardson
  • Stran Sherwood

Sixth Grade Principal List:   

  • Ashlyn Brinkerhoff   
  • Maddie LeSueur   
  • Brevan Morales   
  • Julian Barrera   
  • Swedyn Vowell 

Sixth Grade Honor Roll List:  

  • Mareli Marin   
  • Ethan Montejano   
  • LJ Stevens   
  • Javier Hernandez   
  • Andalynn Plympton 
  • Rylee Reed   
  • Dylan Skinner   
  • Claire Williams   
  • Luis Perez