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As “part of the pack,” we know you want to keep informed about all that’s happening at Taylor. Here you’ll find the information you need to do just that. Be sure to bookmark this page, and check back often for updates on school events, fundraising opportunities, student achievements, and other great news from our pack!

Renaissance Festival

Click to view more photos from the Renaissance Festival On Tuesday, March 5 the 6th grade students, teachers, and chaperones headed down bright and early to Gold Canyon, Arizona for the Renaissance Festival. It was a fun and educational trip. The festival brings to life the age of discovery through interactive displays, study, and entertainment. Our 6th grade curriculum includes the study of this time period, and the festival helps bring it to life in a fun and interactive way.

Pizza with the Principal

Our monthly pizza with the principal took place on Wednesday, February 20 with six outstanding students getting to spend their lunch time with the principal. Ms. Muder provided pizza and soda, and a great time was had by all!

Students eating pizza with the principal
February PAWS Assembly

Taylor Intermediate conducted its February PAWS assembly on Friday, March 1. Congratulations to all of our award recipients and winners!

Click to view moreStudent of the Month for February - Value: Tolerance

  • Camryn Maxwell and Conover Pitts
  • Other Nominees: Trett "Lightning" McNeil, Rylee Reed, Addelyn Bullard, Pacer Rogers, Summer Owens, Julius Juarez, Bailey Golden, Hayden Younger, Lena James, Piper Herring, Mark Sellers, Isabel Enriquez-Angeles, Sebastian Juarez-Lopez, Kimber Hatch, Jarrett Ramsay, Kody Benton, and Kaleb Silva.

Million Word Readers

  • Quade Judd
  • DJ Stockton
  • Claire Williams

Two Million Word Readers

  • Marie Tenney
  • Connor Whitmore
  • Abigail Williams

Sum Dog

The Navajo County Sum Dog contest took place in February, and yet again Taylor Intermediate students did an awesome job with 35 of the top 50 places and eight of the top 15 classroom leaders.

  • 1st: Sebastian Juarez-Lopez
  • 2nd: Marie Tenney
  • 3rd: Zander Owen
  • 6th: Wyatt Wilhelm
  • 8th: Arwen Johnson
  • 9th: Abbie Owens
  • 11th: Addisyn Tyler
  • 12th: McKenna Solomon
  • 13th: Ryden Solomon
  • 14th: Abbie Gardner
  • 15th: Hailey Jones
  • 16th: Rylan John
  • 17th: Connor Whitmore
  • 18th: Tatum Barns
  • 20th: Parker Sherwood
  • 22nd: Alyssa Davis
  • 23rd: Johnny Lopez-Rodreguez
  • 24th: Tehillim Loya
  • 25th: Mason Lunt
  • 26th: Ally Finch
  • 27th: Elizabeth Perez
  • 29th: Dustyn Warner
  • 30th: Easton Reidhead
  • 31st: Baron Fawcett
  • 32nd: Anabelle Bencomo
  • 33rd: Brynlee Craner
  • 34th: Landon Nezzie
  • 35th: Matthew Ramirez
  • 36th: Ridge Perry
  • 37th: Connor Solomon
  • 38th: Colten Ramsay
  • 40th: Kashley Craner
  • 42nd: DJ Stockton
  • 43rd: Sterling Stockton
  • 47th: Taylee Williams

Sum Dog Classroom Leaders

  • 1st: Mrs. Marie Caldwell
  • 2nd: Ms. Tiesha Thatcher
  • 6th: Mrs. Holly Collett
  • 8th: Mrs. Tracy Breedlove
  • 9th: Mrs. Donna Hoopes
  • 10th: Mr. Aaron Whiting
  • 11th: Mrs. Leslie Stockton
  • 12th: Mr. Jim Matthies

Math Facts

  • Sterling Stockton
  • Aiden Yarn
  • Ashlynn Brinkerhoff

Regional Science Fair Representatives

  • Johnny Lopez-Rodriguez
  • Ryder Solomon
  • Connor Whitmore
  • Alyssa Davis
  • Dawson Reed
  • Macon Sherwood
  • Brock Ervien
  • Kaidan Hancock

Navajo County Spelling Bee Representatives

  • Gia Goaziou
  • Ashlee Bradshaw

PAWS T-Shirt Drawing Winners

  • Carston Hunt
  • Ethan Montejano
  • Ranell West

Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration

We held our annual Dr. Seuss birthday celebration on February 25, from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. in the gym. We had a great turn out, with over 100 students registering for the prize drawings that we held throughout the hour. Minute to win it games were set up and managed by the teachers. SFE provided parfaits and cookies for all to enjoy. Thank you to the staff that came and helped with the games. Thank you to the students and families that came to enjoy the fun time had by all.

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Parent-Teacher Conferences

Snowflake High School's parent-teacher conferences will be on Wednesday, March 27 from 5:00 to 7:30 p.m. in the high school gym. Please note that there is no early release for high school on this day. We will be observing our regular schedule.

All other Snowflake schools throughout the district will have parent-teacher conferences on Thursday, March 28 at their sites. These schools will follow the usual early release schedule.