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As “part of the pack,” we know you want to keep informed about all that’s happening at Taylor. Here you’ll find the information you need to do just that. Be sure to bookmark this page, and check back often for updates on school events, fundraising opportunities, student achievements, and other great news from our pack!

Always Hard to Say Goodbye

Steve Stockton, one of the Snowflake Unified School District custodians, has retired. He gave 27 years of service, always with a smile and 110 percent. Steve was honored with a plaque at the June 13, 2019, board meeting. We are extremely sad to see him go but wish him and his family the very best in their new endeavors.

Click to view more photos of Steve Stockton receiving retirement plaque.
2019–2020 School Supply List

Our supply list for the 2019–2020 school year is now available. We do not require you to purchase supplies from the list. If you are able to help out and buy supplies for the classroom, we would appreciate it. Please see our school supply list below for details.

Native American Dance Presentation

Mr. Brinton's 6th grade class had two students that were willing to share their heritage and skills with the whole school. They came to do a presentation of their Native American dance for their class, but word spread and they ended up doing the dance for the whole school in the gym. Chance and Arena Dixon dance almost every weekend during school, and this summer they will be dancing at the following places:

  • Monday through Thursday in Holbrook at Gillespie Park from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
  • June 27 at Pioneer Park in Snowflake for Thursday Night at the Park
  • June 29 and June 30 at the first annual Sunrise Mountain Pow Wow

We are very proud and appreciate them sharing their skills with the school.

Two students dressed in Native American attire pose and smile togetherTwo students dressed in Native American attire prepare to dance

Final PAWS Assembly

We held our final PAWS assembly on May 24 at 8:30 a.m. We recognized the following at the assembly:

Click for more photos. All student winners.Perfect Attendance

  • Tobey Denetso - Two years in a row
  • Arwen Johnson - Two years in a row

AR Top Word Count for the Year

  • Third place - Abigail Williams with 2,637,809 words
  • Second place - Arwen Johnson 3,881,639 words
  • First place - Wyatt Johnson with 4,042,376 words 
  • Top word count and name on a plaque in the library - Wyatt Johnson

One Million Words in May - Bear Fisher, Addie Craner, Durham Reed, Judd Jensen, and Ashlyn Brinkerhoff 

Two Million Words in May - Easton Reidhead, Parker Sherwood, and Claire Williams

Students of the Month Nominees - Truman Hatch, Connor Solomon, LJ Stevens, Katarina French, Ryan Olsen, DJ Stockton, Bear Fisher, Raylee Hancock, Parker Sherwood, Emry Willis, Jack Hatch, Brynlee Williams, Connor Whitmore, Tatum Peterson, Kamarie Clark, David Ordonez, and Javier Puente-Hernandez

Student of the Month for Citizenship Winners - Tayli Hancock and Branson Thomas

Sum Dog Navajo County - Nine of the top fourteen classes

  • 1st - Mrs. Caldwell 
  • 5th - Mrs. Stockton
  • 6th - Mrs. Thatcher
  • 7th - Mr. Whiting
  • 8th - Mrs. Krekeler
  • 10th - Mrs. Breedlove
  • 11th - Mrs. Hoopes
  • 12th - Mrs. Collett
  • 14th - Mr. Brinton

Sum Dog Navajo County - 30 of the top 50 students

  • 2nd -Adrian Enriquez
  • 3rd -Mason Lunt
  • 4th -Reese Stockton
  • 5th - Marie Tenney
  • 6th - Sebastian Juarez
  • 7th - Gaige McIntyre
  • 8th - Dawson Reed
  • 9th - Arwen Johnson
  • 10th - Jarrett Rogers
  • 11th - Abbygail Owens
  • 12th - Wyatt Wilhelm
  • 13th - Zander Owen
  • 14th - McKenna Solomon
  • 16th - Jayde Willis
  • 17th - Ryden Solomon
  • 18th - Johnny Lopez
  • 19th - Elizabeth Perez
  • 20th - Rylan John
  • 21st - Easton Reidhead
  • 22nd - Kody Benton
  • 27th - Debra Loya
  • 28th - Jamon Hatch
  • 30th - Dustyn Warner
  • 31st - Draeson Raisor
  • 34th - Emily McCray
  • 35th - Abbie Gardner
  • 36th - Maria Enriquez
  • 37th - Connor Whitmore
  • 38th - Landon Nezzie
  • 44th - Blayke Frost

All Year Honor Roll

  • 4th Grade - Zoe McCray, Pacer Rogers, Stran Sherwood, Ashlyn Brinkerhoff, Julian Barrera, Kashlynn Cantrell, and DJ Stockton
  • 5th Grade - Ryder Hall, Tatum Barnes, Easton Reidhead, Dawson Neff, Kurt Owens, and Jayde Willis
  • 6th Grade - Brock Ervien, Drew Brubaker, Brooklyn Rogers, Sydney Brimhall, Branson Thomas, Abbie Williams, Abbygail Owens, Quade Judd, Ridge Perry, Kimber Hatch, and Dawson Reed

All Year Principal List

  • 4th Grade - Lacey Richardson, Addie Coor, and Rhett Frost
  • 5th Grade - Lily Pope, Raylee Hancock, Haley Hunt, Savannah Owens, and Mylee Hargrove
  • 6th Grade - Danica Urban and McKenna Solomon

All Year Superintendent’s List

  • 4th Grade – Durhad Reed, Brooklinn Baldwin, and Claire Williams, 
  • 5th Grade – Tayli Hancock, Wyatt Johnson, Taya Schneider, Hailey Jones, Arwen Johnson, and Emry Willis
  • 6th Grade – Addison Craner, Alyssa Davis, Alexander Owen, and Marie Tenney

PAWS-itive T-Shirt Winners - Corben Banker, Addie Craner, and Summer Owens.

Outstanding 6th Grade Boy and Girl 

  • Outstanding 6th-grade boy - Macon Sherwood
  • Outstanding 6th-grade girl - Marie Tenney 

After we handed out awards, our student council drew names from the PAWS-itive tickets that the students earn throughout the year. Students get these tickets for above and beyond behavior or acts of kindness. There were about 40 prizes. Then, the computer randomly picked names from the whole student body for the top 16 prizes. No one left empty-handed as the student council gave out candy bars to those that didn't get a prize. It was a great end of the year assembly and ending for the school year. We will miss those 6th graders that are moving on to the junior high, but we are looking forward to the group of 3rd graders coming to our school next year. We also completed bulletin boards with all the pictures for the year.

A Huge Thank You to Taylor Intermediate PTSO

Thank YouWe wish to extend a huge thank you to Taylor Intermediate PTSO for:

  • Soda and fudge on Wednesday
  • Soup and cornbread luncheon on Thursday
  • Trappers pie on Friday

We want to thank all the parents who helped with the lunch and Cambrey Craner for organizing and executing the days. Thank you for thinking of the district office, Student Services, and other key personnel. We appreciate you all!