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Educational Letters

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As “part of the pack,” we know you want to keep informed about all that’s happening at Taylor. Here you’ll find the information you need to do just that. Be sure to bookmark this page, and check back often for updates on school events, fundraising opportunities, student achievements, and other great news from our pack!

Contact Information

Has your contact information changed? Do you have a new phone number, address, or e-mail? Please contact Tara Brimhall at 536-4156 ext. 7720 or Tohna Rogers 536-4156 ext. 7710 with your new information. It is very important that we keep your contact information current. We appreciate your cooperation. 

Science on Display

The sixth grade had its annual science fair on November 30, 2017. All students participated with great projects. The winners from Mrs. Caldwell's class were Tyler Parry, Jonathan Pitts, and Devin Richardson. The winners from Mrs. Krekeler's class were Gabriel Ramirez, Kiley Reidhead, and Kaylee Ramage. Advanced science students at the high school came, as well, and demonstrated experiments for the students on Friday, December 1. It was a great week for science at our school!

Science on Display

Food Drive

Food Drive PhotosStudents donated over 800 items during the November food drive. Items went to the 3E snacks program and the local senior center. Grade level competitions for the most items took place with the following as winners:

  • 4th Grade - Mrs. Breedlove class with 166 items
  • 5th Grade - Mrs. Pitts class with 153 items
  • 6th Grade - Mrs. Caldwell class with 146 items

Kayley Willis from 3E foods and members of the student council helped box up the items for both groups. Thank you for your support!

November PAWS Assembly

Our November PAWS assembly was on November 21 at 9:30 a.m. 
Value of the month for November was Responsibility

  • Student of the Month winners - Thomas Hatch and McKenna Solomon. 
  • Other Nominees - Izabell Miller , Danica Urban, Dawson Neff, Haley Hunt, Tobey Denetso, Ashlee Bradshaw, Gaige McIntyre, Lily Pope, Brock Ervien, Kimber Hatch, Kaiden Hancock, Tehillim Loya, Kai Ramage, Jaydee Flake, Cayden Clark.
  • PAWS T-shirt Drawing Winners - Thomas Hatch, Trey Decker, Deighton Hunt.
  • Awesome Staff for the Month - Donna Hoopes, Gabrielle Little, Tiesha Thatcher.

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6th Grade DARE Graduation

Our 6th grade DARE graduation took place on Monday, October 30 at 6:00 p.m. at the high school. Students who completed the 10 week course got to participate in the DARE party on October 20 and received their certificate of completion at the ceremony on October 30. Congratulations to all the DARE graduates and the following winners:

Essay Winners:

  • Mrs. Krekeler's Class
    1st place - Zac Hall
    Runner up - Kiley Reidhead
  • Mrs. Caldwell's Class
    1st place - Maddy Powers
    Runner up - Tyler Parry

Darren Winners

  • Gabriel Ramirez and Sam Whittle

Challenge Coin Recipients

  • McKenzie Tamayo and Alex Banker
6th grade DARE graduation 6th grade DARE graduation


October PAWS Assemby

The October PAWS assembly took place on Friday, October 27, along with our Halloween parade. We recognized many students for their dedication to the monthly value of honesty.

  • Winners: Kydir "Thunder" McNeil and Alice Levy
  • Nominees: Sydney Brimhall, Mason Lunt, Angelo Martinez, Riley Hancock, Kurt Owens, Ally Finch, Dawson Reed, Brooklyn Rogers, Alexander Owen, Piper Herring, Nathan Neff, Maddy Powers, Kenny Brennan, Braxton Jones, Hunter Haws, and Eden Porritt.
  • Million Word Readers: Arwen Johnson and Macon Sherwood
  • T-shirt Drawing Winners: Arwen Johnson, Haley Hunt, and Brailynn Lunt
  • Staff Recognized for an Awesome Job: Donna Little, Andrea Krekeler, and Brandon Legler

It was fun to have the staff and students dressed up for Halloween!